Arkam 01

Arkan (Arkhan in the cartoon) is one of the Angels' teacher and teaches "positive Earthly infancy". He has blue eyes, always hidden by glasses, long black hair and beard, and white wings with a yellow halo.he is worried about raf.

In the cartoon, he is the wise Angels' teacher, a stern but affectionate archangel who teaches "positive Earthly life he has long white hair, eyebrows and beard, and light blue eyes with his glasses on. He always wears a long, white tunic robe with blue markings and a golden Art Deco inspired and designed necklace and a flower.


  1. Sin Fly: allows him to intercept transgressions, violence, lies and theft.
  2. metamor fly allows him to transform into any thing.
  3. he has a friend called temptel.
  4. Nightmare fly allows him to call or make a power and use it also he can call nightmares to help him.
  5. monster fly allows him to call and make up monsters.
  6. angelic Sheilla Allows Him to create light like a blast of light or a light shield.
  7. pherox fly allows Him to call the pherox.
  8. angelic light allows Him to create light magic like light fire.

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