Blue af
First Appearance: season 2 episode 1
Age (at first appearance): 15 flashes old
Origin: Sulfur city
Personal Color: black and purple
Powers: hypnosis:
  • panther claw (her nails get really long and can cut through anything)
  • dark bite (bites her opponent and injects poison that can control them)
Rival Devil: Kubral, then Cassidy
Love Interest(s): Sulfus


Blue (Italian: Blu) is one of the enemies of the season 2. She works for the kidnappers of Angelie and follows their orders because they promised her to help her people. Blue ends up falling in love with Sulfus but then wants revenge because he used her feelings to escape the prison he was being hold. She has got long blue hair and red eyes. She wears a long black coat with purple spirals and purple leggings.


Blue is a devil who first appears in Season 2. She has red eyes, blue hair, Purple horns and wings, and a purple swirl beneth her right eye just like Reina's; though her's is on the left eye. She looks very similar to Reina. After she escaped from Limbo, showing how she truely looks, she seems to look very alike Blue after she's unmasked. She also has the same hair color as Reina's. It might be, that Blue could be her daughter of sorts; although Reina was an angel.


She was a cold personality at first but she begans to have feelings towards Sulfus and is a little warmer towards him. She claims all she does is for her 'people'. Like all devils, she tempts. She works for some kind of evil agency that has Raf's mother. It is also known that she has a crush on Sulfus. In season 2, in one episode, Sulfus only attempts to kiss Blue, but then grabbing the key from her necklace, he breaks free and runs.

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